Website and email hosting

Domain registration is part of our standard service and, unlike some internet service providers, we register the domain of your choice (if availabe) in your name.

If you want to register more than one domain, but point them all to one website and receive emails for all domains to one mailbox, we will set up your account to organise this and you will be charged for one domain hosting plus registration fees only for all other domains in the same account. This is usual where an account hosts a domain with several top-level names, e.g.,,

Website hosting is provided on our RedStation dedicated servers. You must design and administer your website yourself unless you have negotiated a website maintenance package with Quadrat.
We run a backup of the system which operates once a day (at 01:30). You can ask for a restore of your site from the previous backup at any time.

eMail hosting is administered by you and you can have unlimited mailboxes. There are generous space allocations. Spam filtering is carried out free of charge on the server at a relatively robust level. This means your mailbox will not even receive certain types of spam and should cut out many undesirable emails.
We have a chargeable option to add further filters to cut spam if this proves necessary.

We operate a "reasonable use" policy on traffic and hosting. You can download our T&Cs here