Website maintenance

We can supply templates so that changes within certain bounds to the active web site can be carried out by you on a day-to-day basis. You will not need any expertise in programming.

However, we recognise that Clients very often are totally engrossed in their own business and although a website presence is necessary, where there is dynamic content to the website (e.g. regularly changing pictures, menus, events, etc) it is not always convenient for Clients to switch to and update the information on the website.

In these circumstances, we are happy to offer a website maintenance package.
Negotiating the cost of this service is a matter for individuals to discuss their website and the requirements. We can offer less than 1 hour response during the working day if required and even quicker response if notice of an impending change can be given.

Our most popular arrangement for maintenance of your website by us is that we will respond with an update to the content of an existing layout within 1 working day, and at a frequency of not more than once per week. This costs £400 per year.

Please discuss your reqirements with us by using the envelope link at top-right of your page.